Movie Bloopers – Jumanji (1995)

1. There was a white blanket on the chair

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 1 Bloopers

2. Traces of claws decreased, How?

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 2 Bloopers

3. On the feet of Mrs. Thomas green boots, but when she is in the ambulance on her already black shoes. 😉

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 3 Bloopers

4. Where the cuts on his face?

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 4 Bloopers

5. Karl’s car changes the number or shows us two different cars

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 5 Bloopers
What is this nonsense?

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 5-1 Bloopers

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 5-2 Bloopers
6. Where are the handcuffs gone?

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 6 Bloopers

7. Boy stuntman even a monkey makeup does not has

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 7 Bloopers

8. How could the house be filled with water if it has a huge hole after the animals? LOL

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 8 Bloopers

9. Why does he stick out of the ceiling to the waist? Epic Fail ))

Jumanji Movie Mistakes 9 Bloopers

And Finally…

Jumanji Movie Mistakes gif

Top Jumanji Movie Mistakes (Bloopers). P.S Be Smile ))

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